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6  Your Serve

         by Craig Groeschel

         Craig thought it was his ministry until he heard a sermon that drastically changed his perspective.

10  Division or Disagreement?

         by David Platt

         We should divide for the right reasons, but when does disagreement create unnecessary division?

12   Preach the Word and Get it Right

         by John MacArthur

         How should pastors respond to pressure to soften the gospel?

14   Who Is Your Pastor?

         by Brian Richard

         When you need support and counsel, where can you turn for help?

16   Five Ways to Strengthen Your Church

         by Percy McCray

         Build up your congregation with these practical tips.

16  Leadership Resources

         These online tools can help improve your leadership.


4  Ministry Minute

         The Gospel Is Still Shining Brightly

9  Wit & Wisdom

17  Church Chuckles

18  The Good Word

         Help! Lord? Anybody?