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On the Cover:

Brian Chappell, senior pastor
Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, Illinois

SPRING 2020                                                                                                                              VOL 5 NUMBER 1


6 The Importance of Christ-centered Preaching

By Bryan Chapell

Sermons that focus solely on people doing better are human-centered, creating the impression that our redemption relies on us. Christ-centered messages, on the other hand, point to a dependence on Him.

10 Avoiding Closed Ears

By Richard Sams

We must preach the whole counsel of God with conviction, but we are called to warn, not condemn. If we don’t ground our messages in grace, we risk closing ears to truth.

12 Changing the Church Growth Scorecard

By Jared C. Wilson

The church has adopted performance metrics from the business world. Jared Wilson offers a better yardstick for the church that he calls “metrics of grace.”

16 Pastor Resources

By Dan Brownell

These four ministries are excellent resources to help strengthen pastors, families, and churches.


 4  Ministry Minute

18 The Good Word