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On the Cover: Pastor and author Louie Giglio

Fall 2019


6     A Motley Crew of Gods, and the One Who Stands Above Them All

         by Louie Giglio

A proper view of God is foundational to all other theology. If we don’t make this central to our teaching, we can’t build a healthy, effective church.

10   Understanding Cultural Christianity

         by Dean Inserra

 What does a cultural Christian need from the church? Find out in this insightful article.  

14   Improving Child Safety Starts Within the Church

         by Josh Weis

Although the use of background checks has increased, critical gaps remain, which means that children are still vulnerable. Learn how to close the gaps.

16   The Lost Art of Lament

         by Josiah Hoagland

The trend is to discourage mourning at funerals. What does the Bible have to say about dealing with loss?


4  Ministry Minute

         Shining a Light on God’s True Nature

18  The Good Word

         Those Who Are With Us