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On the Cover: Pastor and author Dr. Robby Gallaty

Fall 2017  


6     Why We Need to Rediscover the Forgotten Jesus

by Robby Gallaty

What did the word “faith” mean to Jesus? You might be surprised how it and other concepts differ from a Western understanding.

8     A Conversation with Chuck Swindoll About Preaching

by Charles R. Swindoll, with Mark Young

Chuck Swindoll shares the challenges and rewards of a lifetime of preaching.

11   The Starting Point Project

by Dan Brownell

Internationally known speaker and author Jay Seegert offers free apologetics presentations.

12   Dealing with Causes

by Trevin Wax

Pastors can be sidetracked from the gospel by unrelenting demands to support various causes.  Learn how to prioritize them to stay focused on ministry.

14   The Gospel According to Indiana Jones

by Peyton Jones

In the Indiana Jones films, archaeology professor Henry Jones experiences life-changing adventures when he leaves his stuffy classroom for the field. So it is with the church.


4  Ministry Minute

         Keep Your Eye on the Ball

11  Church Chuckles

18  The Good Word

         Is Your Heart Still Burning?