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On the Cover: Pastor and author Kevin DeYoung

Fall 2018


6     The Ten Commandments: Why They’re Not Ancient History

by Kevin DeYoung

Jesus transformed the Ten Commandments, but He never intended to abolish them. There are at least four major reasons why they are still relevant today.

10   The Lesson of the Big Rocks

by Dr. Robert Jeffress

Learn simple principles and tips for prioritizing your time to make an eternal impact.

12   Conflict Resolution: Four Lessons From Nehemiah

by O.S. Hawkins

Personal, family, and church relationships can get so tangled and knotted that it’s tempting to abandon them. But Nehemiah shows us that they are worth salvaging and provides practical leadership guidelines to show how.

16   The Evil Eye of Envy: Crucifying the Sin That Crucified Christ

by Philip De Courcy

Pastors aren’t immune from jealousy, especially in our competitive, social-media driven, performance-based culture. Learn how to tame “the green-eyed monster,” so it doesn’t kill your ministry.


4  Ministry Minute

         Prayer Is Primary

18  The Good Word

         From Glory to Glory!