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On the Cover: Pastor and author Kyle Idleman

Spring 2019


6     Don’t Give Up

by Kyle Idle man

Pastors know how to encourage others, but so often they struggle with discouragement and depression themselves. At times like these, leaders can turn to the prophet Elijah and modern day pastors like John Wesley and Adoniram Judson for secrets to persevering through tough times.

10   Discipling Millennials

by Grant Skeldon

One of Jesus’ last commands was to make disciples, so that should be one of our top priorities. In fact, if we don’t influence Millennials for Christ, we may not get the chance with Gen Z.

12   Make Church Security a Priority

by Timothy J. Fancher

Churches are increasingly being targeted for violent attacks. Congregations make convenient soft targets. Learn how to proactively plan and protect your flock.


4  Ministry Minute

Chosen to Share His Word

18  The Good Word

Why Is God’s Voice So Mysterious?