About Today’s Pastor

  • Around 6,000 churches of all sizes in the U.S. receive Today’s Pastor.
  • Qualified pastors can sign up for a free print and/or digital subscription (U.S. addresses only) or a free digital subscription (international) at todayspastor.org/subscribe.
  • Today’s Pastor adheres to the Evangelical Statement of Faith.

Purpose of Articles

  • Pastors often say that there are many things they didn’t learn in seminary. One purpose of Today’s Pastor is to fill in those gaps with practical, everyday tips.
  • Today’s Pastor is looking for short, practical articles from our pastor subscribers to complement the more theological ones received from other sources.
  • These practical articles would include nuggets of hard-earned wisdom — the kind you wish someone had told you about when you became a pastor. We want our readers to come away from article thinking, “Wow, that was really helpful.”
  • The best articles aren’t necessarily grammatically perfect. We can fix typos and grammar. The best articles — and the ones most likely to get published — are the ones that are the most helpful.

Article Length

  • 500 words for a one-page article.
  • 1,000 words for a two-page article.

Article Content

  • Articles need to be original content and gleaned from your personal experience, rather than from others. They need to be tips that you’ve personally used successfully and are previously unpublished.
  • For references, you can access and read all digital back issues by signing up for a free subscription.
  • Because we provide free print subscriptions to qualified pastors, we don’t have a budget to pay writers. If you submit an article, the main purpose would be to share wisdom with other pastors. A side benefit, however, is that it may open the door to other publishing opportunities.

Submitting Articles

  • Submit articles as the main body of an email to editor@todayspastor.org.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions, which means after you submit your article to us, you can continue submitting it to other magazines. If we decide to publish your article, we’ll contact you at that point to make sure it’s still available.


If you know of ministries or companies that might like to advertise with us, we would appreciate that information. Advertising helps us cover the costs of the magazine so we can provide it free to pastors.

Thank you. We look forward to reviewing your submissions.

Today’s Pastor